Box | ZPZ Trailer


The ZPZ Trailer stables are made up of a box with a modular structure in hot-dip galvanized steel. Modularity garantees the possibility of expanding your stables gradually and at any time. Both fixed and competition boxes are provided in the 3 classic categories: english, in line and with central aisle.

The standard stables are made with steel structure and upholstering in various types of wood. The roof with sandwich panels or fake tile. On request ZPZ Trailer has the flexibility to use different materials according to the customer's architectural needs. It is possible to realize the walls of the stable in lecablock or reinforced cement, creating a mix of materials between wood, steel and cement unique in its kind.

The structures are certified with structural calculations to be deposited with the civil engineering. Possible to create various types of structures customized on the client's architectural project.