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Founded in 1983 in Osimo, in the Marche region, starting from the Light Trailers for Equestrian Sports sector, the company has grown and opened up to the production of light trailers for every use and to the realization of steel and aluminum structures for others uses, from Sports to Professional ones. Over the years the "Making Artisan" has been kept as an untouchable value, an aspect that is already expressed in the first Reports and Collaborations with the Company, but also by Service and Quality, which give uniqueness to the Products with the ZPZ Trailer brand, and so on company itself.



Since 1983, the company has tried to create products taking care immediately design and focusing on the robustness over time, reliability and practicality to use even with custom customizations or technical innovations. The ZPZ Trailers are divided into Standard and Custom. The Standards provide models for transporting horses, motorcycles, dogs and transporting things; the Customs cover all models that are custom-designed, in close contact with the customer's requests to offer unique transport solutions for their passions or their work: Mobile Ice Cream, Kart, Hunting, Musical Instruments, Cycling-MountainBike, FastFood mobile, mobile shops. The ZPZ Trailer Structures for Horses are: Indoor Riding, Tondini and Training Rides and Box. The company also realizes other structures of various uses such as tents for catering services, storage and various roofs on request.


With ZPZ Trailer you have access to a solid baggage of skills, built in over 30 years of operation in the industry


ZPZ Trailer listens, identifies and adapts its know-how to the needs of the customer


The ZPZ Trailer customer who buys is never abandoned. Expert advice, maintenance and exchange are the Services that accompany it throughout the life cycle of the product


The "artisan" approach adopted by ZPZ Trailer over time has allowed us to combine often opposing concepts into a single product. The typical ZPZ Trailer product always tries to combine robustness and design, practicing an handmade all made in Italy